8 Ways to Beat Back Holiday Cravings and Stay Sober

Stay Strong and Sober, So You Can Focus On Friends, Family, and Fun The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, but for those recovering from substance abuse or addiction it can be a real nightmare. You could be feeling pressured by the extreme stress of packed and hectic...

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5 Sure Ways to Nail Your First Year of Recovery

You’re Doing Something Huge—Make Sure You’re Prepared! Entering recovery is a huge change in the way you live your life. Everything from how you schedule your time, to who you hang out with, to what places you frequent, is different. And as with any major transition in your life, whether...

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The Four Tiers of Addiction Recovery Programs in Illinois

A lot of times, when people think about addiction recovery, they immediately think of live-in rehabilitation centers for hard drug users and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for alcohol users, with not much in between. It’s unfortunate that this is the extent that people know about addiction recovery, because addicts considering getting...

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Image of Street Post with One Way Addiction and the Other a Way Out

Illinois’ Heroin Epidemic: What Caused It and How Do We Stop It?

If you’ve been following local news the past few years, it’s likely that you remember at some point seeing a story about the out-of-control heroin epidemic in Illinois. Articles have covered “the heroin epidemic in southern Illinois,” “heroin in northern Illinois,” and “the central Illinois heroin epidemic,” making this a...

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The Silent One by The Other Side

The Silent One

I finally met myself today. I didn’t like her at all, I actually hated her. She was a manipulative mood-swinging bitch. She was a taker who thought she was a giver. I knew it. She had great intentions, but no actions to back her up. She was demanding, impulsive, compulsive,...

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