Support Services at The Other Side


At The Other Side, we have stride to have something to offer for everyone.  Not only is the venue substance-free, which makes it a safe place to hang out when there is nothing better to do, we also offer some fun events such as; Movie Nights, Holiday Parties, and occasionally live bands or DJ’s.  We also are open on weekends to come hang out as we have a pool table, dart boards and ping-pong tables.  Our “Dry Bar” is also stocked with several substance-free drinks to enjoy along with a new coffee bar.

Recovery Group

Addiction is often difficult to find resources for and be around people who understand. This group allows for people to come start the process of help in a compassionate environment. We will typically go around the room addressing issues that someone may be encountering at their stage of the recovery process. We offer solutions based off the groups collective experience. The group acts as a first step to get people pointed to the help and guidance they need.



The membership program for The Other Side has 3 available levels. We want everyone to have access to The Other Side. Our primary goal is to provide the best possible environment for people to enjoy themselves in a substance free environment without creating a situation that would alienate someone needing a place to go. Proceeds from your membership will help directly offset the monthly costs it takes to operate The Other Side.

Are you or someone you know struggling with addiction?