Get Group Support at The Other Side at 7pm Every Tuesday


The Recovery Group at The Other Side provides a starting point for people struggling with addiction in their family. It meets every Tuesday night at 7pm.

Introduced in August 2015, the Recovery Group is open to anyone who has been affected by substance abuse or addiction. The attendees include:

  • Family, friends, and loved ones of people suffering from addiction
  • Those who struggle with addiction themselves
  • People in various stages of recovery from 2 weeks to 15 years sober

Often it can be difficult to find resources for addiction treatment and support. It can be even more challenging to meet people who really understand addiction. This group facilitates you being able to fulfill both those needs at once.

A typical meeting of the Recovery Group involves each participant sharing whatever challenges or issues you may be encountering at your current stage of the recovery process. Everyone is welcome to share as much as they are comfortable with. The rest of the group then addresses each issue and offers feedback, advice, resources, and solutions based on our collective experiences. Using this method, the group functions as a first step to setting people in the direction of the resources and guidance they’re seeking.

Are you or someone you know struggling with addiction?