Local Coffee Shop in Crystal Lake

Proceeds Support the Recovery Community

From drinks as simple as drip coffee, espresso shots and cold brews to concoctions as complex as americanos and lattes, our coffee shop has something for everybody. Our premium products blend the rustic earthiness of Colombian coffee with the nutty notes of the Pacific as well as the brightly floral notes of Ethiopian coffee. As bold as our coffee can be, it’s also subtly sweet.

We also have plenty of breakfast sandwiches, flatbreads, sliders and salads to choose from, which we encourage patrons to enjoy alongside their excellent coffee, either on-the-go or at one of our tables.

Please feel free to call us, order online or sign up for our rewards program.

The Other Side Has the Best Coffee for a Cause

There are many things that make our coffee great. First of all, it’s completely fair-trade. It’s made out of some of the best coffee beans from Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Ethiopia. Our drip coffee has hints of caramel, our espresso is so light as to carry notes of citrus, and our creamy cold brew contains subtle notes of raspberry.

Plus, your purchase will go to a great cause. Every dollar you spend on our premium coffee goes straight to someone’s recovery from substance use disorders. We partner with New Directions Addiction Recovery Services (NDARS) to make sure newly sober people have an easier time adjusting at every stage of their recovery journey.

Hot Drip Coffee
As our menu’s pride and joy, our fair trade-certified coffee is dark and full-bodied, but it’s also balanced enough to carry light hints of caramel. This blend of beans from Papua New Guinea and Colombia presents a potent, nutty flavor, establishing the perfect balance between subtle sweetness and a deep, roasted body.

Cold Brew
This medium-to-dark roast hails from Colombia and Ethiopia. As cold brew is often much sweeter than regular coffee, ours features a unique flavor profile that includes cocoa nibs, molasses and even raspberries. With a creamy mouth feel to top it off, it makes for a perfect summer treat.

Tempered by beans from Colombia, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia, this light-to-medium roast contains notes of citrus, berry, toasted oats and cocoa. It’s perfect by itself, but it also pairs nicely with steamed milk, if you’d like a cappuccino or one of our signature lattes. Coming from three singular sources, our espresso presents a unique combination of light, aromatic notes and subtle earthiness.

Premium Breakfast Sandwiches in Downtown Crystal Lake

If you get hungry in the morning, our breakfast sandwiches hit the spot. We’re proud to serve some delicious bacon-egg-n’-cheese sandwiches on English muffins and croissants. We make everything to order, so please let us know if you’d like something other than our three signature sandwiches.

Whatever you’d like to eat, we use high-quality ingredients to make our delightfully portable dishes. As with our coffee, all proceeds go directly to someone in need.

In addition to breakfast sandwiches, our pastries include muffins, scones, flavored croissants and oatmeal, while our flatbreads include prosciutto, chipotle chicken and margherita. If you want something light, our roasted vegetable salad is a great choice. If you’re looking for something on the hearty side, we recommend our chicken and pork sandwich options.

The Other Side Is a Great Meeting Space

Our modern space in Crystal Lake, IL offers serene ambience that’s perfect for meetings with clients as well as completing work on your own. Our friendly staff will even remember your name. After all, we like getting to know our supporters!

Beyond our café, we have an expansive, separate meeting space that’s available for rent. Small-to-medium groups will enjoy it most. Also, you can purchase catering from our café for whatever event you’d like to host. Business professionals or students without offices can meet clients or friends in our fantastic space for just $15 per hour.

One of Crystal Lake’s Best Coffee Shops Is on a Mission

At The Other Side, a cup of coffee can save a life from addiction because NDARS isn’t just any organization. They know what they’re doing, offering assistance at every stage of the recovery journey, from rehabilitation through sober homes to “¾-living” homes and employment.

With enough of your donations, NDARS’ sober homes can eventually rely on tenants’ employment for funding.

If our work makes you excited for Crystal Lake’s future, please visit us, order online, sign up for our rewards program or call us for more information.